Inmate Minute Revalidation Cycle At Herlong Prison Camp

If you pay your cell phone bill each month then I’m sure you’ll understand how the Inmate Minute Revalidation Cycle operates. Every month your cell phone carrier allots you a certain amount of minutes to use each month (unless you have unlimited minutes). When you reach that amount within a month, you cannot make any calls until the next month. The Inmate¬†Minute Revalidation Cycle operates in the same way.

Each month an inmate is given 300 minutes to make phone calls to whomever they choose. The only difference is the amount time an inmate is allowed to talk in one session. Inmates are only allowed fifteen minutes per phone session and then they have to wait about one hour (might be only a fifteen minute wait – I forget) until he could use the phone again. Once the 300 minutes are used up, the inmate must wait until next month to receive his next 300 minutes.

His Trufone or phone minutes reset each month on a certain schedule that’s based off of his fifth digit of his inmate register number. The fifth number in my inmate register number was “2”, so my Trufone would reset on the seventh of each month. Take a look at the memo below and you will be able to determine the date in which an inmates revalidation cycles resets.

This is a simple and easy system to understand. However, if you need clarification, write me in the comments area.

Phone revalidation cycle