Inmate Direct and Prepaid Calling Rates

Staying in touch with loved ones can be challenging when you’re away at prison camp or prison. There are no cell phones allowed and if you’re caught with one then you most likely will receive a shot (disciplinary action). The phones that are available cost money and inmates aren’t the ones that pay the bill. Family members or other loved ones will have to do so, however, the charges vary. Instead of receiving collect calls, loved ones can now prepay to receive a phone call.

Below are the direct and prepaid calling rates for inmates at Herlong Prison. Please note that there is NOWHERE in Herlong Federal Prison Camp or in the Herlong Federal Correctional Institute where you can make a phone call for $.06 a minute. The CHEAPEST you’re going to pay is $.23 a minute. Inmates are only allowed 15 minutes per call, so the average 15-minute call is about $3.45.

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Also within the image are the prepaid calling directions for those who rather not receive collect calls.

Inmate Direct and Prepaid Calling Rates

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