I Don’t Like Gay Jokes

I Don’t Like Gay Jokes


52935712He laughed and said, “Don’t be down there too long. I might like it.”

I gave him a dirty look. “Hey man, I don’t play like that.” He apologized and that was pretty much the end of the day.

Many people have different types of humor, however I believe some things are unacceptable. Although I used to joke in this manner, I quickly learned my lesson when someone mentioned, “If you’re joking like that, it must mean you’re secretly like that.” I also decided to change because when I was at Herlong Prison Camp, some of the inmates would joke that way and I couldn’t tell if they were serious or just joking. The prison culture scared me because a man would rape another man just to show his dominance over other inmates and for other reason too. This stuck in my head even after I came home.

As I learned more about writing humorous stories, I found that gay jokes are a quick and easy laugh, but don’t take much talent or craftsmanship. Telling the joke gets you at least a chuckle. However, all this has to stop. Here are my reasons for why I no longer like gay jokes.

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Lack of Professionalism

I have a problem with the lack of professionalism that gay jokes bring to the work environment. It’s hard enough going to work everyday and dealing with guests in the restaurant who don’t want to be courteous. I don’t need my fellow co-workers putting me in an uncomfortable position just to degrade me for their enjoyment. I understand we all need a way to destress and lighten up, but our jokes shouldn’t degrade one another.

Degradation of People

As time goes by, I consistently lose focus of the point of making fun of a group of people for enjoyment. I no longer see the humor in it. Even if those groups of people aren’t around, it doesn’t excuse or allow that type of behavior. No, I’m not gay, but I don’t think it’s a good idea that people make fun of another group for any reason. Joking in that manner reveals that person’s perspective and it’s usually that they see those individuals as less than human.

However, it seems as if I’m the only person who agrees with my point, so it looks like I’m going to be very quiet at work for the time being.

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