How To Self-Surrender to a Federal Prison Camp

Are you wondering how to self-surrender to a federal prison camp? I understand difficult it is to turn yourself in to prison camp. Though lawyers and the marshals tell you a few things about self-surrendering, there still a few more questions and not a lot of people to answer them.

Well based on my experience, I know a few things about turning yourself into a prison camp. I created two videos on the subject. The first video is about preparing yourself before self-surrendering. I suggest that you make sure your estate and affairs are in order before you come to prison camp. You do not want your loved ones to take care of your affairs

The second video is about the items you can bring into a federal prison camp. These items are a wedding band, a bible or scripture, your state ID or passport, and whatever old clothes you are wearing into the camp. The clothes will be threw away or mailed back to your home.

Be sure you do not bring in drugs or illegal substances because that will be another charge. Also you can bring money, however cash can be stolen or misplaced. It’s better to have your money wired to your books.

Self-Surrender to Herlong Federal Prison Camp