How To Make Friends In Prison


Everyone needs a friend sometimes, even when you’re behind bars. It can be lonely in prison whether you’re in a camp or a higher security area. Day to day struggles require someone’s help to overcome negative emotions. If you’re new to prison or haven’t many friends while locked up, here’s how to make friends.

  • Be Yourself
    Don’t try to make people like you by imitating other people. You might find that inmates and CO’s will like you because you seem different and unique. They’ve seen it all and are sick of fake people.
  • Don’t Be Afraid of Your Own Personality
    You may be goofy, funny or strange, but honestly expressing your personality will bring you respect, thus more friends. Keeping it real really means be yourself. If you try to act hard or better than others, time will tell the truth. You’ll be looked at as a scum and this could make you prison camp stay worse than what it already is.
  • Have Something to Offer
    Drinks, smokes, food, advice, or even something intelligent advice are great ways to make friends and keep them. Don’t be afraid to use your knowledge from the outside to help make their lives better. You can use it as a means to bartering. You will expose them to business opportunities that most inmates would never receive.
  • Be Positive
    Prison is negative enough. Don’t add to it by making people depressed about your problems. When you talk, develop a conversation about the best times of your life or something funny that will make people laugh. Talk about a funny news article you found or something your loved one sent you. If you feel yourself breaking down and on the verge of crying, remove yourself from the group and have a private moment to yourself. This behavior should only be done alone or in front of inmates you can trust.
  • Stay Busy
    When in prison you have to have your own life and schedule. You can’t get attached to a person or a crowd. You don’t want people to think you’re clingy and needy. When other inmates saw me reading and writing daily, they were more confident about being my friend. They were also confident that I wouldn’t get them into any trouble. I was too busy to be a snitch or to spread any drama. This will also prevent you from being a bug-a-boo; someone who’s around all the time bugging people.