How To Get Someone To Enjoy Your Passions, Even If They Hate Your Passions

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With a plethora of interests and hobbies available to us, it can be hard for two people to be on the same page when it comes to making dates, having fun and exploring new activities. There are times when it’s difficult to share the remote. Watching TV and/or movies can be a tricky task when you both are interested in opposite genres. This is especially true for men that love comic books, sci-fi and animated shows.

In fact, it’s one of the problems I’ve had with my relationships. Since I’m into superheroes, sci-fi and cartoons it is always hard to get her to enjoy my passions. I guess because I’m a big kid at times.

On February 7th, I was listening to a podcast called FanBros. That day they were doing a segment about how to get your wife into sci-fi and other geek stuff. I learned a few great ideas from their podcast that I want to share. This will help me introduce my next girlfriend to the types of things I like even if she isn’t interested.

Here’s what I learned:

Find Similarities
I’ll start with geek stuff that is similar to what she already likes. If she likes mysteries, maybe start of with a Twilight Zone episode. If she like family sitcoms, then we could watch the Simpsons. ¬†Also, when I find an actor she likes, I’ll search for sci-fi movies and shows they are acting in.

I’ll choose a time to explain to her why I like these films and cartoons. Maybe the reason she doesn’t like my stuff is because she doesn’t understand it. I mean I mostly watch stuff like blow ’em up and somehow the hero wins in the end, then everyone’s okay type of shows. It could be hard for her to see the value in that type of prograMming. In fairness, I probably said something similar to her about her type of programming. Anyhow, I figured if I told her that I enjoy mindless violence as a way of escapism or because I have an appreciation for animation, that may make more sense to her. From there she might take the time to enjoy my programs with a new type of mindset.

Be Fair
To balance everything, I’ll need to watch the type of movies she likes that I might not like. I mean to be fair, a relationship can’t be all about me. If I want her to like my movies, it’s probably a good idea to watch a lot of her movies as well. In turn she might watch my movies just because I watched hers.

If you’re having a hard time connecting your girl to your interests, then you should try some of the things I mentioned. It sounds like a good idea and I think they will work out for you and me.

Let me know if you have any ideas for introducing your lady to your interests.