How To Get Readjusted After Returning From Prison Camp


9 Tips for Reestablishing Your Life

So you just got home from prison, congratulations! I’m sure seeing your family was a fantastic blessing. Breathing that fresh, clean, FREE air is so refreshing. Now you need to get adjusted to society and get your life back in order. You’ve heard all the stories and lies, so let me show you how I get back on my feet.

I recommend walking the path that will get you on your feet and independent as fast as possible and then get a good job or your own business. If you go to a halfway house first, use it to your advantage. Get as many jobs and/or schooling as you can and stack up as much money as possible. I worked up to forty hours a week. Other inmates worked up to sixty hours a week.

Pyerse’s 9 Tips for Reestablishing Your Life

  1. Temp Agencies
    Employment is going to be HELL! No one wants to deal with your criminal history regardless of your crime. However many temp agencies want to people to fill jobs for catering events or weddings. I found several in Sacramento and Los Angeles. They had me washing dishes and serving food. My felony was never an issue. It even led to me having a full-time job with a company who loved my work ethic.
  2. Similar Prison Jobs
    Look for a job that was similar to your job in prison. If you did a lot of warehouse work, find a warehouse job. If you worked in HVAC, then find an HVAC job.
  3. Consider Truck Driving
    Though I didn’t do it, many of my friends started truck driving jobs and had tons of success.
  4. Go to School
    If you can’t find a job, look for job training classes. Sometimes, depending on your state, you can get government aid for going to school.
  5. Cheap Housing is Best
    Find the cheapest place to live. Whether it is your parent’s house or a girlfriend’s, stay there. Contribute as much as possible and as cheaply as possible. I rented a studio apartment for $500 per month. Try to look on craigslist in your city.
  6. Avoid Housing Discrimination
    Housing discrimination is very real. People are not going to care what your crime was, but as long as you are a felon, people will look down on you. I suggest looking for private owners and avoiding property management. A private owner is likely to discuss your past with you and judge you accordingly.
  7. Studios & Motels
    Now, these options are very expensive, but they do good as far credit checks or background checks. As long as you have the money, you have the place.
  8. Transportation
    Use Craigslist to get a decent car or live in a city that has great public transportation. Other good transportation ideas are a bicycle or a scooter. A scooter will save money on gas and get you around just as effectively as a car.
  9. Vouchers
    Look into getting food stamps and housing vouchers because getting these services will give you a head start. I was able to get $100 per month in food stamps, which was plenty for me.

Once you have a good foundation, you’ll need more clothes and furniture. For the time being, consider going to Goodwill and other thrift stores.  Also, don’t forget yard sales.

Once you have all of this done, consider looking for a job you really want or start your own business. You can clean up your resume to a professional job or go to school and get the degree you’ve always wanted.