How To Be Productive At Work With A Boss You Don’t Like

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There are many people in the working industry that severely dislike their bosses. I am now joining the crowd. From the first time I met my boss, I had a strong disliking for him. It turns out that I just don’t get along with my boss. I’m unsure what it is. Maybe I am misunderstanding his body language and tone of voice as being too aggressive and demeaning. However, I’m stuck here because he isn’t going to fire and I’m not ready to quit anytime soon. That leaves me with the question of how do we work together without killing each other? Well, if you’re like me below are some tips for working day to day with a boss that you genuinely don’t like to be around.


  • Be Very Productive
    Depending on your boss’s attitude and sensitivity, he could be looking for any reason to fire you.  If your job performance is an eight out of ten, make it a nine out of ten.  A super productive employee is very difficult to fire, especially if the boss is depending on you.
  • Get Along with a Ton of Employees
    If you’re likable and the other employees enjoy your company, the boss will assume that the issues between you two are personal. He’ll assume it’s a lack of chemistry or just a personality clash. This will give him no further reason to think that it’s just you. How could it be if everyone else likes you?
  • Respect the Title or Office
    You should never disrespect your boss. You don’t have to bow down to them, but make sure if they need you to do something to better the company, then you do so with little argument. Of course if he’s wrong, call him on it, but this should be done without name calling or childish bickering.
  • Keep Personal Business PERSONAL
    Remember, you don’t like him, so who cares if he’s married, cheating, or single? His life is none of your business, nor is your life any business of his. Only communicate work related matters.
  • Keep His Name Out of Your Mouth
    There’s no need to gossip about him because you know people will keep talking. When your words get around to him, they’ll be highly exaggerated. Depending on how he feels about you, he could just believe what he hears and fire you for it. Unfair–yes, but had you avoided gossiping, you wouldn’t be in that position.
  • Keep Your Boss Off of Your Mind
    It’s unhealthy to focus so much energy and strength on people you don’t like. Your job is hard enough. If you’re not thinking about your boss, then you will free yourself from tons of negative emotions. This proves nothing can get to you and that you’re in full control of yourself.

In the comments below, tell me how do you work with a boss you don’t like? If you’re a boss, how do you work with employees you don’t like?