How I Used Herlong Prison Camp For Self-Development

How I Used Herlong Prison Camp For Self-Development


I found this journal entry in my prison camp journal at home. I wrote it because I was working on some self-development ideas about getting over procrastination and accomplishing my goals. Once I found it, I gave it a quick edit and decided to post it.

Self-development was extremely important for me in prison camp because it was the best place for me to really figure out everything I was doing wrong. I was in a place where I could really analyze and be honest with myself. There was no hurry for me to find a solution quickly, so I allowed myself to focus on the past, figure out what I was doing wrong, and then come up with a plan of action to figure it out.

When I came home, I found that I still had a long way to go. However, I believe I’m making strides to better myself.

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Here is my insert:

I should be aware of my want and need to slack off. I must also promise myself that true enjoyment is around the corner. Maybe I just need a break from everything. Instead of getting mad at myself, I need to find the type of enjoyment were I can let my hair down and laugh. This will give me the best type of “break” away from my work.

If I get tired and do less work, and if less isn’t a possibility, then I should GET HELP even if I have to pay money. I must stay focused on my wants and desires. As I complete things, I must remember that it is just the beginning to the journey to better life. Maintenance is more important than the action or creation stage. Here are some ways to improve it.

  1. Pinpoint the Specific Action
    I’m going to focus on the first thing and then break it down into smaller tasks (or take a walk).
  2. Ask Questions
    I’ll ask myself “why am I putting this off?” I’ll be specific.  If I need a break, I’ll take one, or if something is more important—I’ll do that instead.
    1. Putting off something such as myself, I’ll have to wonder if it is worth it and why? What are the payoffs?
    2. Would I lose anything by putting it off? Or should I hurry and get it over wit? Don’t minimize the consequences.
  3. Visualize Goals
    What are the benefits of reaching your goals? Visualize them and feel the success and appreciate it.
  4. Repeat
    Repeat the preparation or decision stage if I’m still having trouble.

Self development is an important topic for everyone, or at least it should be. We should all want better for ourselves and our loved ones. I encourage you to find what works for you and begin the journey to enrich your life.

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