How I Overcome Boredom In A Relationship


In a previous post, I talked about how people would rather be in a bad relationship than to sit a home and be lonely. I mentioned that bad relationships could lead to arguing and disappointments, but I today I want to talk about how bad relationships can just be boring.

Lately I’ve been very bored in relationships. I’m not going to be like most guys and blame the woman here.  I think ninety percent of the reason is because I’m not dating who I truly like. I’m settling too much. Even though ten percent is unaccounted–it’s still more my fault than any woman on this planet.

Most men see a woman and if she seems cool, he’ll give it a chance. Not me, I already know that I don’t want to give women a chance. I want perfection or nothing at all. I know that’s not right, so I force myself to give her a chance. A better way of saying this is that I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. However, that strategy quickly leads me to boredom with a woman. Of course I blame myself more than her because I shouldn’t have tried to force the relationship or I should have at least tried to make it interesting for us both. Looking back, I realized I never really gave women a chance, so the next time I’m in a relationship, I’ll spice it up and it won’t be so boring. In fact, I’ve researched some ways to make us both more interesting. Here are a few ideas that I’ve been thinking of.

  • More Outings to Parks and Beaches
    Most of the parks and beaches are free. All I have to do is lay out a blanket and make some sandwiches. Getting some fresh air while ‘people watching’ is a great way to start conversations.
  • Do More of the Things She Wants to Do
    As long as it’s not too girly, adding some things she’d enjoy doing is a great way for me get to know her. It also helps me to figure out other ideas for dates.
  • Open Up More Often
    I know I can be a little closed off, so maybe if I wasn’t so closed I would be more interesting.
  • Think Outside the Box
    I think once I learn more about her and she learns about me, we can figure out what kind of out of the box stuff we’d enjoy. Even if we don’t like it, the experience alone will help the relationship grow.

So let me ask you, how do you keep boredom out of your relationships?