Who Am I

Originally from Sacramento, I am now based in Los Angeles pursuing blogging, vlogging, acting, and writing for television.  I knew at a young age that I knew how to tell stories. I knew at a young age that I could educate the wisest and brightest people with my words and experiences.
Being a writer allows me to experience that above as well as give me the freedom I’ve yearned and carved. I see it as a profession, a craft, and as a blessing.
Now 40 years old, I can my share of challenges honestly and bluntly. Yet, all my experiences led me to this point in my life where I can honestly and faithfully say, “My name is Pyerse Dandridge. And I’m a writer.” Click here to read my full bio.


This book recounts Pyerse’s experience inside Herlong and at the halfway house where he was sent to readjust to society. To successfully restart his life, he first had to survive the pettiness, dehumanization, and psychological bondage of the prison camp. Then he had to overcome his own personal emotional challenges, and somehow use the exclusion from family and friends to his advantage.

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