Hide and Go Seek


Playing games with your siblings and cousins can seem like a fun experience when you’re a kid. The excitement level is high and you don’t have to feel awkward like you may feel in school. Now that you’re around family, everything should be perfect right? Not if you’re me.

I remember when I was little and used to play Hide and Go Seek with my brother and cousins. I’d find the perfect hiding spot in the closet under some blankets. After about thirty minutes of no one finding me, I leave my hiding spot. For some reason, I now have to find out where they’ve gone.

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When I find them, everyone is eating AND playing a new game. Upset, I confronted them and said, “Why didn’t you tell me the game was over?”

Then my brother would say, “We couldn’t find you.”

I’m left thinking, ‘couldn’t someone have yelled or something? Damn.’

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