Heterosexual Males Having Sex In Federal Prison Camp


Rumor Has It

Sexual desire is normally very strong in males to begin with and everyone knows the urge for sex doesn’t relinquish its grip when you’re in prison. In fact, the desire increases with every hour that it’s unfulfilled. The media has brainwashed society to thinking that every prison is filled with stories of heterosexual men changing their sexual orientation merely because of their thirst. However, I believe it would be a good TV show or at least an interesting part of the script if some of the rumors I have heard were dramatized.

Let me make myself clear and say that these are just rumors and I cannot prove nor disprove them, but I can say that the inmates that told me were used to bullshitting and joking around. These stories have been told to me while I was locked up at Herlong Prison between May 2011 and May 2012. I take no faith in these rumors, but if you want great entertainment, read below because I have heard a ton of rumors!

CO’s and Inmates
A correctional officer and an inmate were caught having sex while the inmate was in a security housing unit or SHU, which is slang for a type of solitary confinement. The CO was in her early twenties and the inmate was serving a multi-year sentence, but I’m unaware of his charges. When they were caught, the CO lost her job and was charged. The inmate received additional time on his sentence.

At Herlong Prison, there was another CO who charged $500 for sex with inmates. The inmate would wire the money to her account and once it was there, they would proceed. Then the CO would take the inmate to a place where they wouldn’t get caught and neither could get into trouble.

Inmates also took advantage of lazy and/or routined correctional officers. They would wait until after the final count at 10 pm was complete. The CO wouldn’t be supervising and would go into the back room. Then, inmates would somehow sneak out of the back door and a girl would be waiting for them in the parking lot, track or at the baseball diamond.


Community Service Opportunities
There is a rumor that multiple inmates received blow jobs or sex while serving community service. Since I have worked community service projects, I could actually see this one play out. A lot of times, there was no one supervising us and we were left alone. The only issue would be keeping your fellow inmates quiet about where you were. It’s possible with bribes, I guess.


Inside Prison Facilities
Inside the prison is a library that we called Leisure Library. This is where I did most of my writing and studying. I was constantly made fun of due to the library’s reputation. This library would have paid prostitutes waiting for inmates to have sex with them. Inmates would also watch a lot porn here. This was considered the whore house of the prison.

While a certain wife visited her husband in prison, they somehow were able to sneak off to the women’s restroom. Once inside she gave him a blow job – and they both got away with it. You know that only added fuel to their fire, so the next time she visited, they did it again. This time they were both caught in the restroom. As punishment, the inmate was moved to a different federal correctional institution (FCI) and received an additional year on his sentence. His wife was banned from seeing him, charged with rape and sentenced to one year in prison.

I was told in my A&O ( Admission & Orientation) Meeting that regardless of an inmates voluntary actions to participate in sex, they are legally considered to lack the ability to mentally consent. This inability to consent means that any sex (regardless of sexual orientation) with an inmate is considered rape.


As you can see, there weren’t homosexual stories here. Sorry if that disappoints you, but I’ve seen no evidence that there were any homosexuals in Herlong  Prison Camp when I was there (May 2011 – May 2012). As for the rest of the stories, if you are planning a wild heist such as exploiting loopholes for sex while in prison, let me know how that turns out for you. Even if you’ve only heard rumors, let me know – you can write your story down in the comments below.