Herlong Prison Camp Institution Supplement Booklet

When starting a new job many employers give their employees a manual to read over and familiarize themselves with all rules and regulations. At Herlong Prison it’s no different when it comes to assigning their inmates to an orientation program. The difference between the programs is that an employer may only require one to two weeks for complete training and they start you as soon as you are beginning to work in the position. The US Department of Justice requires inmates to go through this program in one week, but to be assigned a group can take up to four weeks. If you get put in the hole or the security housing unit (SHU) or if you have a medical emergency and go the the hospital, you will have to stop the program and restart once you’re complete. Similar to an outside job, each department head has to teach a class.

Below a copy of the small booklet given to me after my admissions and orientation meeting. If you have any questions about it, write me in the discussion/comment section.


Institution Supplement 01

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