The Importance of Having a Routine In Federal Prison Camp

4 Reasons Routines Help You in Prison

Routines can seem mundane and tedious to the person that has to follow its rigid structure. It can almost feel like life’s daily assembly line. However, having a daily schedule maximizes your day and allows you to be much more productive in life, even if you are in prison. Just because you are behind lock and key doesn’t mean that you can’t create an enjoyable schedule for yourself. While I was in federal prison camp for 17 months, I noticed that having a consistent routine is very important for the success of inmates. Here are four reasons you should keep a routine while in federal prison camp.

Routines Help You To…

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  1. Work On Yourself
    While in prison camp, I had a routine that allowed me to better myself. Most inmates better themselves with education, however, I already had a degree in English. I created a routine which allowed me to workout alone or with a fellow inmate. I also made time to find spirituality and obtain a greater understanding of myself.
  2. Stay Out Of Trouble
    I personally feel that the biggest advantage to establishing a routine was the fact that I didn’t get caught up in drama or prison politics. I was too busy doing what I needed to do that I didn’t have a lot of time for unnecessary crap. The inmates that sat around and did nothing were easily drawn to trouble. It was usually the newer inmates that found themselves in trouble over petty things like showers or television shows.
  3. Ease Family Worries
    Another advantage of having a routine is that it always gave me something positive to tell my family. No one really thinks about how much family members suffer when a loved one is locked away. Quite naturally, my family was concerned about me being in prison. However, when I told them that I was writing books, studying, working out, and reading, they became more at ease. Instead of picturing me stressed out, bored as hell, or getting into trouble, they pictured me bettering myself just as if I was in college all over again.
  4. Accomplish Goals
    After prison life, my routines never ended. To be honest, I personally feel that having a routine helped me focus on re-establishing my post-prison life. My desire was to have a steady career as a writer so I went to the library to write my journal. My journal eventually turned into my first book called Subprime Felon: Inside Federal Prison Camp. My routine also allowed time for other writing projects as well.

If you haven’t already watched the video above, check it out. It will give you more information on the importance of a routine for inmates.

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