George Zimmerman Not Guilty & Acquitted. Dad′s A Freemason Judge Does That Matter?

No Way Free Masons Helped Acquit Zimmerman

One day as I was browsing the internet I came across a site owned by C.KHiD. His website features hip hop news and other related articles. However, he had an article about George Zimmerman and Free and Accepted Masonry. In this article, he accused the Free and Accepted Masonry group of helping Zimmerman to get away with murder. This struck me as odd. I think it’s a crazy theory and it’s one that needs further evidence, especially if you’re going to take it seriously and believe it.

This article, explains that Zimmerman’s dad is a Mason and proceeds to claim that for this reason alone, George was acquitted. Not true. The simple truth is the prosecution did not do their research or develop their case very well. This gave them insufficient evidence which led to a bad case that wouldn’t convince the jurors.

I can tell that the person who wrote this article knows very little about masonry. They don’t even know the difference between Prince Hall Masonry or all of its counterparts. It seems to me the author of the article watched a few History Channel episodes and therefore had an epiphany. If you’ve never been a mason, how can you have an honest opinion? You can’t. Someone who has never been a mason cannot give you a fair and just opinion or even legitimate information.

Here’s an insert:

The tweets from celebrities go on for quite sometime.   However, none provide answers to how or why that trial ended up the way it did.   Amongst these elite entertainers none cared to explain the depth of knowledge they hold on Freemasonry and the strong bond between its group, judges and the court system –

If you couldn’t tell by now, yes, I’m a Prince Hall Mason. Throughout my time within the masonry, I’ve learned to treat those with the respect that they deserve. I’ve also learned that we should allow justice to be served to those who need it the most. You may think that our rituals and codes are different than our Caucasian counterparts, but that is far from the truth. In fact, only a few words and letters differ from other masonic lodges.

What isn’t different between masonic lodges is that fact that our constitution or rituals never state that we are to help someone get away with murder. It is absolutely not part of our masonic code or nature. I have never found any evidence of supremacy or elitism in my ritual or constitution. I have never seen or heard  anyone in my lodge discussing a plot as evil as aiding someone to get away with murder.

My Past Masters all told me if I commit a crime, chances are, I’m going to prison. And I have. I didn’t get off for what I’ve done. Based on my personal experience, I don’t agree with C.KHiD and his crazy story of Zimmerman’s father helping his son get away with murder and neither should you.  

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