Flu Remedies That are Proven to Work

Flu Remedies

It’s Flu season and I have Flu remedies! Although most people are fearful during this time of year, I am not. Most people get the Flu shot and others don’t. Today’s post isn’t about whether or not you should get it or even where to go if you do get one. I figure there are people who get the shot and still get the Flu and there are people who don’t get the shot and get the Flu. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. What I want to talk about is what to do if you get the Flu. I personally have never had the Flu, however a close friend of mine got the Flu last year. He didn’t know he had it until maybe one week after he couldn’t get rid of the symptoms. Once he was diagnosed, I told him to get two over the counter remedies, but he ignored my advice for two days. For those two days, he was beyond miserable. When he finally gave in, he felt so much better. The crazy thing about it is that I found the remedy on Facebook.

Scrolling through my timeline I noticed a post being shared a lot and it was a popular post because I had seen it the year before but never paid any attention to it. It was a  description of what someone had done with their symptoms and there was a picture attached to it. In the picture was two over-the-counter medicines called Sambucol and Oscillococcinum. The names are weird and hard to pronounce, but after two days of taking these two medicines, you will feel so much better. On the third day of taking them, you will most likely feel normal again. I believe the Flu lasts about two weeks, but with these two products, it only lasts days! You have to buy them if you ever get sick.

The post is by Sandi Ashby Flippo and reads,

“A nurse friend taught me this. If you have the Flu go to Walgreens and get these two items. The Sambucol comes in liquid or pill. The Oscillococcinum dosage is a small vial of tiny dots that melt on your tongue and taste like sweet tarts. In 48 hours you will feel better. In 72 hours you will be almost symptom-free. The last two times I had the Flu I did not take the Tamiflu prescription I only took this”.Flu Remedies

This stuff really works wonders. My friend was feeling better in two days! He was taking tylenol and advil at first, but was back to his usual self in no time after taking these medicines. In fact, a couple weeks later, my parents got a touch of the Flu too. I told them about these products and how it helped my friend and they immediately purchased them and felt better quicker than their friends.

My suggestion this season is to purchase them ahead of time. You never know when there will be a craze and people will flock to the store to purchase it and Walgreens or Amazon will be all out or on back order. Actually, what I’ve done is purchase the gummy version of the Sambucol. Since it is a herbal supplement, I figured I would just be ahead of the game and build my immune system now. It’s so sad that the Flu kills people every year. I can’t wait for it to become an eradicated virus or disease like Polio and Smallpox. Until then, be safe my friends. Oh, if you just so happen to get sick, curl up with a great book – mine! It’s called Subprime Felon; it’s a good read too! Read this short excerpt and find out what it’s all about (click here)