Flag Protocol At Herlong Prison

Have you ever seen the flag flown in the middle of the flagpole? If you’ve ever wondered why, the memo below may offer an explanation. It is usually flown in the middle of the flagpole on a holiday like Memorial Day. That holiday commemorates the life sacrifice that the men and women of the military have given for American freedom. As you can see, the flag is not flown half-staff on Veteran’s Day. However there are other reasons that the flag is flown half-staff.

The other reasons the flag is flown lower than normal is due to the passing of a President (current or former), Chief Justice (current or retired), Vice President, Governor, Secretary of Executive or Military department, a member of Congress, the Speaker of the House of Representatives or an associate of the Supreme Court. The President may also give the order to fly the flag half-staff due to the death of foreign dignitary.

Of course the President isn’t the only one that can give the order to fly it halfway; the Governor, D.C Mayor, Federal Agency can too. The head of a department like the Bureau of Prisons can delegate their authority to lower the flag to an Assistant Director if they choose.

I’m not sure if the inmates put the flag up or not. However, while I was in prison camp, I have never seen the flag down. In fact, if anyone knows, I’d be glad to hear from you. Please comment below.

Flag Protocol

Flag Protocol 02