Five Ideas to Grow Your Facebook Fan Page

Everyone is trying to grow their Facebook fan page, including me. On the Pyerse Dandridge Fans page there are 92 fans, but my desire has always been to increase my following. As I was searching for suggestions I found a website that gives some great ideas. I’m hoping to try them some day. Below are the five ideas that they mention.

Give ‘Em Some Incentive
Everyone likes something for free and by giving people something that will benefit them will give you more traffic and/or profits. Don’t become one of those pages that is super proud of your product and just wants people to look at it without offering something. Sending and posting links to your page is spammy.

“According to a recent study from ExactTarget, 58% of Facebook users expect to receive discounts or promotions from “liking” a business page. ;Pony up a few prizes or give incentives and see what happens.”

Monthly Giveways (or Weekly)
If you create a contest announce the winner. No, don’t just announce them, brag about them and make it a big deal. The winner, in return, will brag about themselves being tagged in your post. They will share it with all of their family and friends. Remember to choose a contest topic that you’re audience will be interested in. For example, if you are a writer then a short story writing contest is great. You could also have a contest for the best joke from your fans if your page is about comedy.

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Raise Money for a Charity
There is something warm and fuzzy about a generous person and if your business promotes a charity, then you’ll have fans warm and fuzzy about your business. With passion, promote a charity of your choice and ask your fans to support it as well. It could be a church or an orphanage. People often jump on the bandwagon; entice them with your passionate posts about your charity so that they jump on your

Fan of the Week
It doesn’t matter how you choose the fan, but pick one and highlight them. You can choose a fan who is crazy entertaining or someone who is very active on your page. Once you have chosen someone begin to hype up their profile page. Make them look like the greatest fan in the entire world. If you show them crazy love, they’ll return the love.

Give Your Fans Rewards
Once in a while give your fans discounts to things like restaurants or plays. It could be whatever your fan base enjoys. You could partner with a restaurant and swap fans. As you promote their business, they could promote yours.

I love each one of these ideas and hope to use the advice soon. If you have had any luck with these ideas, please comment below.

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