Federal Prison Camp Inmate Suicide Prevention

Suicide prevention is one of the most important aspects of prison control. Males have a higher rate of suicide, not just in prison, but in general. Prison can make a person even more susceptible to depression and other mental health disorders. It is up to the prison staff to be aware of the signs and symptoms of suicidal inmates and to keep the prison safe for everyone.

Every so often, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) gave out memos to the prison population via Trulincs. A lot of those memos were geared towards the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI). A good amount of them were for both the Federal Prison Camp (FCP) and the FCI. The memo below is a reminder to inmates at both the camp and the FCI that the prison will assist inmates with any mental problems and will help them to deal with depression. This is all in an attempt to prevent suicide.

Luckily for me, I never had to use the services they mentioned below. Most inmates I saw use these services received counseling and medication for their problems. If you know that someone is having an issue finding solutions to their problems, reach out to a suicide prevention hotline and notify someone right away.

Suicide Prevention