Family Photos Can Uplift Your Imprisoned Loved One

Family photos and pictures, in general, can be used to uplift and encourage someone as well as and relive or review moments made in history. They are extremely beneficial to inmates for their well being and positive development. It gives them something to look forward to joining once they get out. It invokes the desire to endure hard times and it can also bring peace to a troubled mind. Pictures visually help inmates stay up to date with what’s going on outside of prison. During this holiday season, it would be a great idea to take family photos and send a couple to a loved one that missed out.

I have seen family photos of all types. Some family members dress in the same colors and some have had the exact same outfit on. Some pictures were funny and some were nostalgic. No matter what type of style you choose, I think that taking pictures as a family brings everyone closer to each other and is another moment in time when everyone can positively get together. Although someone in prison won’t be able to experience the love and bonding of collectively taking a picture, they will still experience the joy behind the photo.

You could also send a letter detailing the event – who was the goofy one, who had a hard time smiling, or how many times you had to retake the family photosphoto. If your family doesn’t like the idea of formal photos, then pictures of family members opening gifts or playing games together will suffice. Also, it doesn’t matter if your photo is professionally done or if it was taken on a cell phone. The joyful smiles are what’s warranted and needed for your loved one. You want them to be able to experience the holidays in a positive way. The point of taking these photos is so that your loved one can be part of your life, even if it’s from afar off.

However, when sending photos to your loved one in prison, there are some rules to follow according to If these rules aren’t followed, then it’s likely that your photo can be thrown away and will never reach your loved one. Here are some things to be mindful of when sending your pictures.

First, make sure your photo is sent in a plain white envelope without any markings or logos on it. This includes things like sticker addresses, using tape to seal the envelope or writing other than the pertinent information. Also, make sure that your picture is printed on regular photo paper and not a polaroid or a sheet of paper that is double sided – peel apart paper. Those types of paper will get your picture discarded. I’ve also heard that pictures are not allowed to have your loved one in them at all. In fact, it isn’t supposed to have anyone with a criminal record – like other inmates. I’m not sure why that is, but I do know that some pictures could be incriminating to an inmate. Lastly, before you mail your picture, make sure to check the prison’s guidelines for the number of pictures you’re allowed to send at once and how many pictures your loved one is allowed to have in general.

This shouldn’t be an issue because the topic of this post is positive family photos, but just so you know sexually suggestive photos and/or photos depicting violence, drugs, alcohol, or animal abuse are strictly prohibited. The idea behind that is not to provoke someone with those types of emotions while they are under extreme restrictions and around a lot of people. You should also keep your photos small, maybe a 4×6 or smaller. Sometimes larger photos are accepted, but I wouldn’t risk the chance of it being damaged or bent.

I know when I was in prison, seeing family during visitation was awesome, but rare. Pictures are a big help to those who are unable to participate in family functions. If you’re kind enough to send them, make sure they get to where you desire them to go. It would be horrible if you did all the work of taking family photos just for them to be thrown away and your loved one never see it.