Dress Code/Personal Property/Work Details at Herlong Prison Camp

Inmate Dress Code Policy

Dress codes are important for many places. They help keep a cohesive appearance and allow for overseeing persons to quickly identify who belongs and who doesn’t. Dress codes are also guidelines to clean, tidy and appropriate display of clothing. Not everyone wants to see a extra skin or underwear. However, within prison, dress codes are extremely important for staff to keep order and a heightened awareness.

Prison inmates are kept to strict standards when it comes to dressing. However, from time to time, inmates can get off track from the guidelines and will have to be reminded of the rules. Below is a memorandum (and picture of memorandum) sent to inmates from the Warden about the dress code.



Federnl Correctional Institution
Herlong, Californla 96113

June 27, 2011

Dawn R. Zobel, Associate Warden of Programs


Dress Code/Personal Property/Work Details

This memorandum is distributed as a reminder to all inmates regarding the dress code, personal property and work details.

  • The dress code will be adhered to during business hours defined as, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., excluding Federal holidays.

  • The khaki uniform will be worn during business hours unless the inmate is off duty from his work detail and remains in the housing unit or reports directly to Recreation for authorized leisure time. Sweats, shorts, or other personal attire is prohibited in all other areas during business hours.

  • Uniform – The uniform is comprised of a khaki shirt, khaki pants, institution issued belt and composite toe boots. Secondary shirts purchased through Commissary or issued by Laundry may electively be worn under the khaki shirt, i.e., sweatshirt, tee shirt, thermals. Pants will be worn at the waistline, absent any sagging. The khaki shirt will be buttoned (only the top buttoned is exempt from this requirement). Shirt sleeves will not be rolled, cuffed, Or otherwise modified. Jackets can be worn electively; drawstrings or other modifications are not authorized.

  • Shirts, to include personal and institution issue must be tucked in during business hours.

  • Radios/head phones may not be worn on the Compound or work details.

  • Hats, dew rags, and sunglasses will not be worn indoors. Dew rags must be completely covered by other authorized headwear on the Compound.

  • Radios, bags, and all other personal property are prohibited at work details.
  • Only condiments can enter the Dining Hall during scheduled meals. Laundry bags, rice, beverages, and other personal property will not be taken inside Food Service.


Dress Code Personal Property Work Details