DoorDash Preferred Dasher?

I got an email today saying that I’m a preferred dasher for Papa John’s. So this means I get $2 extra for every Papa John’s delivery completed. Also I get Papa John orders before anyone else.

Let’s see how this works in practice. I’ll keep you posted.

Here’s the actual email:

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*Papa John’s (PU)* has identified you as a Preferred Dasher for their Drive orders!

What this means for you:

  • You are a valued Dasher for them and they would like you to do more of their deliveries.
  • You will have access to their orders earlier than other Dashers – at 1PM.
  • You will get $2.00 extra pay for their deliveries when you claim them from the scheduled tab in the Dasher App.

Please continue doing a great job with *Papa John’s (PU)* and other Drive orders!

The DoorDash Team

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