DoorDash Driver Reward Program Update

Happy Monday!You’ve earned 73 points from Fri, 6/7 to Sun, 6/9. 
Points breakdown:

+ 41 points for 41 deliveries completed
+ 24 points for 24 deliveries during Extra Points Hours
+ 8 points for 8 deliveries that were long distance
Your total point count since the start of the program is 221.

 Congrats! You’ve reached 200 points, which means you have earned the following prizes: $50 bonus, $25 gas card, $25 consumer credit & DoorDash cap.
Please see below for information on when and how you will receive your prizes.
Cash Prizes: If you won any cash prizes, they will appear in your Dasher app earnings page by Tuesday this week. 

DoorDash credit:
 If you won any consumer credit, it will appear in your DoorDash consumer account by Friday this week. This credit can be used towards DoorDash orders and will be available under ‘Account Credits’ on the ‘Account’ tab of your Consumer app.

DoorDash Swag and Gas Cards:
 If you won any physical prizes, you can claim them from the DoorDash store. Click your prize and add 1 to your cart. At checkout, enter the promo code (in parentheses above) to redeem your prize. Once you fill in your shipping info, your prize will be sent to you.Note: Only ONE promo code can be used per checkout. If you have won multiple prizes, you can check out for each prize separately. You will unlock your next reward once you reach 300 points.Not receiving points for deliveries you did? Reach out to our support team with screenshots here and we can look into your issue! Questions on the program? Check out our “Dasher Points Program FAQ” page below to get caught up! Have feedback you’d like to share on this program? Let us know your thoughts here! You can always access these links below.  Dasher Points Program FAQ
Dasher Points Feedback
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San Francisco, CA 94103DoorDash is piloting a Dasher Points Beta Program for a limited group of Dashers. From May 27th through June 30th, 2019 Dashers will earn points for completing deliveries, and can win cash, DoorDashswag, and other prizes based on how many points they earn. Dashers will receive emails every Monday with information on the prize(s) they have won and how to claim them. This offer is only valid for Dashers who have received a message from DoorDash directly.
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