Doordash Dashers Beta Reward Program

Doordash is rolling out a new beta reward program for its drivers, also called dashers. I’m looking forward to this new program. It looks promising. I can see how I can make some good cash by hitting certain bonuses. And I probably would not need to drive any more than I already do. I put in about 40-50 hours a week, so this looks like it rewards drivers like me. I stress that it looks like it will reward me. I’ll have to see how it really works.

Here is the email I have received from Doordash:

Earn cash, DoorDash swag, and other prizes through our Dasher Beta Points Program! No sign-up is required – you will automatically earn points for all Dashes starting 5/27. More details below.

Hi Dashers,

We’re excited to be piloting a Dasher Points Beta Program for select Dashers in your area over the next few weeks. These points will be used to win cash and other prizes!

How do I earn points?

Earn 1 point for every completed delivery starting on Monday, May 27th. In addition, you can earn extra points for completing specific deliveries:

  • 1 extra point for deliveries > 10 miles (distance as shown on the Dasher app)
  • 1 extra point for completing deliveries during Extra Points Hours
    • Keep an eye on your text alerts and in-app announcements for when Extra Points Hours will be.
    • Only select days will have Extra Points Hours and they can change!
    • **Extra Points Hours are different than peak pay hours.

Your points will accumulate every day until this program ends on Sunday, June 30th. The last round of prizes will be sent out on Monday, July 1st.

Example Message for Extra Points Hours:


What do I get with these points?

For every points tier you unlock, you will receive cash and other prizes!

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  • 25 points – $15 bonus
  • 50 points – $25 bonus
  • 100 points – $50 bonus, DoorDash hot bag, DoorDash window cling
  • 200 points – $50 bonus, $25 gas card, $25 consumer credit, DoorDash cap
  • 300 points – $75 bonus, $25 gas card, $25 DoorDash consumer credit, DoorDash shirt
  • 400 points – $75 bonus, $50 gas card, $25 DoorDash consumer credit, DoorDash hoodie
  • 500 points – $125 bonus, $50 gas card, DoorDash Catering Bag
  • 750 points – $350 bonus + 2 $50 gas cards + $25 DoorDash consumer credit
  • 1000 points – $500 bonus + 2 $50 gas cards + $50 DoorDash consumer credit

How can I keep track of my points?
We will send you update emails every Friday and Monday to let you know how many points you have earned.

When will I receive my rewards?
We tally points every Monday, so in our Monday emails, we will let you know which prize(s) you have unlocked and when / how you can claim them.

Can I have an example of how this works?


  • Example 1: If Alex completes 3 deliveries, he will receive 3 points.
  • Example 2: If Alex completes 2 deliveries, and 1 of them is above 10 miles, he will receive 3 points total:
    • 2 points for 2 deliveries completed 
    • 1 point for 1 long distance delivery
  • Example 3: If Alex completes 2 deliveries during extra points hours and both of them are 15 miles long, he will receive 6 points:
    • 2 points for 2 deliveries
    • 2 points for 2 deliveries during extra points hours
    • 2 points for 2 long distance deliveries


  • Mon, 5/27 to Sun, 6/2 – Matt receives 45 points for his dashes during the week.
  • Mon, 6/3 – Matt receives an email letting him know that he has earned 45 points. Since he has passed the 25 point mark, he qualifies for a $15 bonus
  • Mon, 6/3 to Sun, 6/9 – Matt receives 60 additional points for his dashes during the week.
  • Mon, 6/10 – Matt receives an email letting him know that he has earned 105 points altogether. Since he passed the 50 and 100 point marks this week, Matt qualifies for prizes for both tiers ($25 bonus AND a $50 bonus, a DoorDash hot bag, and DoorDash window cling).

Matt’s points will continue to add up until June 30, his last day to earn points. Final prizes will be awarded on July 1st. 

Any questions or feedback?

For all support related issues, please visit the Dasher Help Center.
For more information on this program, please visit 
this page.
To submit feedback on this program, please submit a form 

Have fun, and happy Dashing!


***You are only eligible to participate in the program if you receive this email directly from DoorDash. As this is a pilot, DoorDash reserves the right to modify this program at any time. For “Extra Points Hours”, only completed deliveries that were assigned during Extra Points Hours will qualify for extra points. For example, if extra points hours are from 4-5pm, a delivery accepted at 4:30 and completed at 5:30 will qualify for extra points. A delivery accepted at 3:30 and completed at 4:30 will not qualify.

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