Don’t Riot Over The Zimmerman Trial Verdict

I’ve never really understood riots and looting, but after the Zimmerman verdict – I’m still just as confused as I was before! Riots cause damage to businesses, communities, and people. Have you ever looked up the amount of people that have to be taken to the hospital after a riot? I understand the trial was a complete loss for the Black community, but aren’t we used to that by now?

Honestly, ask yourself what does rioting do to help the situation? It has always been pointless to me. It makes no sense to hurt yourself and your community because you’re mad at a different community. People are angry at what was done to the Black community and react by further destroying their own towns!

If you’re going to unleash your anger (and I’m saying if you truly HAVE TO), why not unleash it in the neighborhood that has caused your pain? Your community didn’t wrong you – in fact, we’ve been fighting alongside you for decades. Take a look at past civil rights activists and study their non-violent behavior to see how they’ve enacted REAL change in our country, let alone their communities.

Violence only costs us more money. It takes from our community and causes other races to continue to view us in a bad light. It takes so long to rebuild Black neighborhoods, maybe you shouldn’t destroy it because in the end, you’ve only hurt yourself.