Does Being Single Really Suck?


I was reading an article from the Standard Media website called “How Being Single Painfully Sucks.” While I agree that being single sucks, I also believe that it’s not as bad as people make it out to be. Like any other situation, it has advantages and disadvantages. When I was single I obtained a better understanding of myself, mentally and emotionally. I found that being single gave me the chance to understand what I really wanted in a woman and WHY I really desired a Black woman more than any other race. Being single has a good side, but most people only see the bad side of it. I’ll keep it real with you, loneliness can be  horrible at times.

The disadvantages of being single all come down to the fact that loneliness really sucks. Here are my reasons for why loneliness makes being single worse than what it seems.

Getting Sick
When I’m sick, I hate being single even more. I had the flu a few months ago, but luckily I was living at my parents house. I would have loved it if a girlfriend walked in and checked up on me from time to time. I know that the flu is contagious so she wouldn’t have been around me all day, but just knowing she was there would have made me feel a lot less lonely. There’s nothing worse than going through an illness by yourself or away from your loved ones. That’s also the reason I hated getting sick at prison camp. The moral of the story is, having a girlfriend when your sick makes you feel loved and not lonely.

Another thing that sucks about being single is having to cook alone. When I’m not working as a cook, I love cooking for other people. It’s only right that I would cook for that special woman in my life. I’d enjoy seeing her enjoy every bite. I would also love it when she would cook for me. A home cooked meal from a sexy woman — I mean, what man wouldn’t like that? After a long day of work I am extremely fatigued and it’s difficult for me to get up and cook. I’d be so grateful if she would do the cooking. Luckily, I’m currently living with my parents and they handle the cooking for me. Regardless, I’d still rather have a girlfriend who cooks for me.

No Sex
A lack of sex as a single man is a big issue for men. It’s true that being single means you can have as much sex as you want, but the sex will be emotionally inconsistent since it’s always with someone else. It’s annoying to me to continuously explore my partner to find out their sexual needs only to find out it’s the same old thing that the last one wanted. It’s equally annoying to find out in bed that my new partner and I have no sexual chemistry. That’s a strange and awkward moment that I want to avoid. I never know if I should just run out of the room or tough it out and try to make the situation better. Also, I found that women are boring when they can only offer sex. I want more than that. When you’re in a relationship, you have more chemistry to do things outside of sex.

Dreaded Questions
There’s always someone that asks, “when are you getting married?” Conversations with friends and family can be a daunting task, especially around holidays. Now I just tell them to “mind your business.” I may tell them that I’m not ready, but either way, those phrases usually end the conversation for me. When it doesn’t end and I find myself in an endless conversation about the advantages of marriage that I’m missing out on, then I give them different answers. If I don’t then they’ll start looking at me as if I’m gay or am plagued with mental, commitment, or trust issues. I started telling them that I couldn’t bring the women I dated around the family because it would be disrespectful. They know I have a way of telling the truth in a nasty or gory way, so they choose not to allow me to expand on that thought. That ends the conversation, but doesn’t end the repeat of the dreaded question the next time I see them.

Although being single has its perks, it also has its downfalls. My suggestion would be to focus on the good part of being single and find ways to combat loneliness. You could take a cooking class, find single hotspots around your city, or hire a private sexy nurse when you’re sick. Either way, you run the show and have the ability to let loneliness rule you or you rule it.