Destroying or Altering Prison Property

Destroying property is never a good idea. At Herlong Prison Camp, just altering the appearance of certain items will get an inmate into trouble. They will face disciplinary action if they have clothing that are cut and sewn. They may face disciplinary action for damaging laundry bags, sheets or broomsticks. The prison also requires a payment, but this can be challenging. Inmates usually make about twelve cents a day. To pay back the prison for a pillow case that’s only $1.80, it will take fifteen days. My suggestion to anyone entering into prison or prison camp, use things carefully and inspect them for wear and tear before using them.

Below is the memo sent to the entire inmate population from the supervisor of recreation. Following that is a picture of the original memo.



Federal Correctional Institution
Herlong, California 96113

June 19,2011



R. Carruth, Supervisor of Recreation Destruction/Altered Property

The use of weighted down bags of any type is not authorized. Any inmate in possession of destroying, altering, or damaging property will be subject to disciplinary action. Inmates caught in possession of the following altered issued items may be held financially responsible for its replacement.

Laundry bags $3.58
T shirt $2.34
Pillow case $1.80
Sheet $3.66
Pants $9.82
Broom Sticks $10.95
Mop Handle $13.50

prices subject to change with out notice

Using weighted down bags of any sort, or any piece of equipment for any exercise program is not authorized.

No altered clothing or bedding of any kind. Altered clothing may be confiscated and discipline action taken. Any jackets, shirts, shorts, sweats that are drawn on, sewn or cut is altered. No bedding such as blankets, sheets, or pillowcases allowed in Recreation.

Destruction Altered Property