Describing Herlong Prison Camp

Are you on your way to federal prison camp? This video will help. I explain detail what you will find when you go to Herlong  Prison Camp.

At the camp, you’ll have most of your basic needs.  You’ll have a living area in a large dorm similar to the military. You’ll have a locker, a chair, and a bed.  The quarters are very tight with little privacy. It took me about six months to get used to it all.

Within the dorm, you’ll have access to your email, laundry,  televisions, a bookshelf, and a ton of tables to play games or write on.  You’ll also have microwaves for cooking food.

Outside the dorm, you’ll see the food service area.  The food service area is where inmates get breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Attached to the food service area are the barbershop, leisure library, commissary, exercise and equipment room, and prison laundry. If inmates walk when the building, they will find a craft room, two classrooms, and a multi-purpose room.

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The last thing inmates will find in this building are the administration offices, the nurses and dentist rooms, and the visiting room.

Behind the dorm, there is a soccer field, which doubles as a small track, a baseball diamond, and part of a larger running track that circles the camp. Between the dorm and the food service area, are a set of basketball courts and a handball wall.

Surrounding the camp borders are out of bound signs, crossing these lines would give an inmate a shot.  The parking lots for CO’s and visitors are right outside the “out of bounds” area.

There isn’t much at the prison.  However, most inmates make it work. I recommend you have a steady amount of books coming to you. Resources at this camp can be low at times.

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