Community Based Program Agreement

It’s a great feeling to be released from prison, even if you are going into a halfway house program. The rules are different, but there is more freedom for inmates. In fact, there’s so much freedom, that there’s an agreement that each transitioning inmate must sign before being released.

The agreement outlines restrictions and gives guidelines to transitioning inmates on the new program’s policies and procedures. It informs them that the department of justice still has the right to release their files to potential employers, social agencies, educational facilities, etc, while they reside in the program. Inmates also have to find a job since they are required to pay for their stay and failure to pay could result in them being removed from the program. This agreement also says that drug testing will occur and that inmates shouldn’t even consume poppy seeds or they’ll risk a false positive. In order to encourage inmates to build up their after prison life skills, they’ll be required to pay for medical insurance. Their medical treatment, once they reside in the halfway house, will be monitored. They aren’t allowed any non-emergency medical treatment unless it’s first approved.

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There are many more things the halfway house oversees and requires from an inmate. They are all outlined in the form below. If you or a loved one will be entering a halfway house soon, read over the agreement and make sure it’s something that you’re both willing to do. There’s no point in getting this far, just to mess up and go back to prison.

community based Program Agreement

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