Cheap Dates are the BEST!


Okay, so I’m always stressing about where to take a woman on our first date. It’s almost as if I’m worried about if this place or that place is the most important because it’s a maker/breaker of our date.  I admit it does feel as if I have to make sure the place is perfect, or the date will be ruined. However, I learned that unique, stress-free, cheap dates are usually the best. Keeping it low cost and interesting will keep her from feeling awkward.

Leave your money at home!

The more money a man spends, the more his date could feel obligated to him, either sexually or otherwise. No woman wants to be obligated to a man she hardly knows and may not even like yet. Instead, free and/or cheap dates with fun conversation are perfect.

My cheap, yet fun dates are simple. I like to go to a Pho restaurant. For seven dollars you’ll get a ton of food and soup. The whole date might cost twenty bucks. Another idea is eating during a restaurant’s happy hour. There are places you can get tacos, drinks and beer all for less than ten dollars. My newest favorite dating activity is to go to a park with a blanket and some snacks. I actually find this to be a much more relaxing date. She is more likely to be less stressed, thus less awkward and more open.

Of course, you also want to find a unique and fun place that neither of you have been to. Find an engaging place or somewhere that you both can learn a ton of information. Just to name a few, places like museums, antique stores, and aquariums are a great choice. I also think going to the park is unique. Plus, I think going to the park is unique. Most men don’t think to go to a place like that and I’m not sure why.

I’ve always felt that I had to spend money to create a decent dating experience. I think most men felt the same way. We look for places to impress her and make sure alcohol is near. However, now I understand that the key to dating is being unique and keeping the pressure low, at least when dating women at this age.

Do you have any additional suggestions? Please put them in the comments below.