You’re Not Clean Eating If You Don’t Do This

clean eating

Clean eating generally refers to eating foods in their most natural state, however, today I want to make a new case. It has always been my opinion that most cancers come from the buildup of toxins within our bodies left over from the foods we eat, the products we use, and the air we breathe. … Read moreYou’re Not Clean Eating If You Don’t Do This

True Wellness Includes Detoxing Methods

If wellness is about a lifestyle of overall good health than it has to become more than just exercising and healthy eating. I have discovered that detoxification is also needed, but can be difficult or embarrassing.  I admit this is where most men stop when it comes to wellness. We might add in some herbal … Read moreTrue Wellness Includes Detoxing Methods

Just One Vitamin Deficiency Can Affect Prison Health

We all know that prisoner don’t eat the best meals or have the best nutrition. This can result in a vitamin deficiency. They are often given small portions and are sometimes forced to steal food. The food is sometimes marked “unfit for human consumption” and inmates get sick from it. I actually wrote about it … Read moreJust One Vitamin Deficiency Can Affect Prison Health

Food Contamination & Depression

Would you ever think, food contamination and depression could be linked? I definitely didn’t think they were until I read a post about a cook in a prison kitchen who encountered packaged chicken that was labeled “unfit for human consumption”. I’ve also written about it in my book, Subprime Felon: Inside Federal Prison Camp. It’s … Read moreFood Contamination & Depression

Flu Remedies That are Proven to Work

Flu Remedies

It’s Flu season and I have Flu remedies! Although most people are fearful during this time of year, I am not. Most people get the Flu shot and others don’t. Today’s post isn’t about whether or not you should get it or even where to go if you do get one. I figure there are … Read moreFlu Remedies That are Proven to Work

New Exercise Routine–Building Cardio Without Running

Cardio workouts are known to help people strengthen their heart and lungs. It also helps the muscles to use oxygen more efficiently. Over time, your body gets used to your fitness level and your endurance has increased! With these types of benefits, I have been trying to workout more. For some reason, as soon as … Read moreNew Exercise Routine–Building Cardio Without Running