Why I Quit Delivering Food for Grubhub

delivering food

How did I go from washing dishes to delivering food? Well, I’m always looking for a way to keep my freedom but still pay my bills and keep cash in my pocket. I thought driving for Grubhub would be a great idea because of all the hype around delivering food and making the same salary … Read moreWhy I Quit Delivering Food for Grubhub

Can Prison Reform Start With Incarceration?

prison reform

What will it take for true prison reform to occur?  It seems as if people from all walks of life have struggled with unfair sentences, parole officers, and post-prison resources. Some inmates may be okay with the time they are sentenced with because they did the crime, but when they get out of prison, they … Read moreCan Prison Reform Start With Incarceration?

You’re Not Clean Eating If You Don’t Do This

clean eating

Clean eating generally refers to eating foods in their most natural state, however, today I want to make a new case. It has always been my opinion that most cancers come from the buildup of toxins within our bodies left over from the foods we eat, the products we use, and the air we breathe. … Read moreYou’re Not Clean Eating If You Don’t Do This

Locked Up & In-Love: Meaningful Prison Romance

Prison romance can be hard. They’re even more difficult when you consider all the restrictions of a prison inmate. All of the rules regarding visits, phone calls, touching, and kissing can make it hard to keep the flame burning. Once that’s lost, most people lose interest in one another and the relationship gets stale and … Read moreLocked Up & In-Love: Meaningful Prison Romance

Family Photos Can Uplift Your Imprisoned Loved One

Family photos and pictures, in general, can be used to uplift and encourage someone as well as and relive or review moments made in history. They are extremely beneficial to inmates for their well being and positive development. It gives them something to look forward to joining once they get out. It invokes the desire … Read moreFamily Photos Can Uplift Your Imprisoned Loved One

Housing Advice for Low Wage Workers

I have firsthand experience in housing advice since I had to work a low wage job post prison. I know how hard it is to find a decent and affordable place to call home when you really don’t have enough funds. After living in a place I could just barely afford in a horrible neighborhood, … Read moreHousing Advice for Low Wage Workers

Organizing Your Writing Thoughts For Blogs

If you’re struggling to write, then you probably need help organizing your writing thoughts. There are many solutions available. Each solution is different for various people and some may work better than others depending on who you are. A lot of the ideas presented here may seem elementary, perhaps because you probably learned them in … Read moreOrganizing Your Writing Thoughts For Blogs

Some Firefighters in California are Prison Inmates

Jobs in prison are one of the lowliest occupations you can have. In my experience, they are also jobs that you can’t get rid of quickly because you can’t just quit. These jobs pay horribly and you can risk everything, including your life. In the state of California, prisoner labor is used for dangerous jobs.   … Read moreSome Firefighters in California are Prison Inmates

Naturally Treating Depression Isn’t Very Difficult

Naturally treating depression is an important treatment option for me. I’ve read about depression patients taking drugs to help ease the negative thoughts, but instead of easing the thoughts it just leaves them in a fog. As a writer, living in a mental fog is detrimental to my career. Although I exercise and eat healthy, … Read moreNaturally Treating Depression Isn’t Very Difficult

Thanksgiving Is So Much Better Now

Many researchers say that one of the best ways to overcome depression and relieve stress is to be thankful. Although I’m not stressed or depressed today, I am thankful and grateful for a lot. Acknowledging all that I have will allow me to ward off negativity for a while. Today, there’s no better day than … Read moreThanksgiving Is So Much Better Now

Total Wellness Takes Effort and Planning

Total wellness means being in overall good health. We usually try to obtain good health by exercising, eating right, and flushing out toxins. However, according to the National Wellness Institute, there are actually six dimensions or parts of wellness. The six dimensions include emotional, occupational, social, physical, spiritual, and intellectual. Achieving total wellness takes some … Read moreTotal Wellness Takes Effort and Planning

The Inhumane Punishment of American Prisoners

The punishment for many non-violent criminals is to enter into low-security prison camps for their crimes. Even though there is a lot more freedom there than in a maximum security prison, they still complain. In America, we see these people as whiny brats because, well, it was their actions that caused them to be there … Read moreThe Inhumane Punishment of American Prisoners

True Wellness Includes Detoxing Methods

If wellness is about a lifestyle of overall good health than it has to become more than just exercising and healthy eating. I have discovered that detoxification is also needed, but can be difficult or embarrassing.  I admit this is where most men stop when it comes to wellness. We might add in some herbal … Read moreTrue Wellness Includes Detoxing Methods

Punishing American Prisoners: No Dignity Allowed

As I neared the end of my stay at the Herlong Prison Camp, I realized that I didn’t like participating in furloughs. The so-called freedom I experienced was trumped by a self-realization that I was nothing more than free labor. I didn’t mean a thing to these people and all the hard work I did … Read morePunishing American Prisoners: No Dignity Allowed

Who To Talk To When You’re Having a Depression Attack

When we are dealing with an intense issue such as depression, we don’t tend to want to vent and get out all that is causing us to feel negative. However, most know that talking during a “depression attack” is helpful and lowers the risk of suicidal thoughts and actions. However, after talking to my friends … Read moreWho To Talk To When You’re Having a Depression Attack

Routine Writing Habits For Every Writer

They say it takes at least twenty-one days to start a new habit and the same is true for getting into a routine writing habit. I know it’s not going to happen overnight and I also know it won’t stick if I’m only doing it for a week. However, in order to make sure it … Read moreRoutine Writing Habits For Every Writer

Party Solo for Your Birthday

Party solo

Party Solo? Uh, that isn’t what any thirty-something or even forty-something really wants to do for their birthday, but as I get older I’ve noticed that most of my friends have kids, are in serious relationships, or are stuck in jobs and are unable to party with me. It always seems like a chore to … Read moreParty Solo for Your Birthday

Prison Pen Pal: Rules of Engagement

Do you know someone who has ever thought about becoming prison pen pals with an inmate? Depression and loneliness are serious matters for inmates, especially for those that don’t have supportive families. They may have repeated a plethora of criminal activities and their families have shunned them. They may have strict families that despise their … Read morePrison Pen Pal: Rules of Engagement

Just One Vitamin Deficiency Can Affect Prison Health

We all know that prisoner don’t eat the best meals or have the best nutrition. This can result in a vitamin deficiency. They are often given small portions and are sometimes forced to steal food. The food is sometimes marked “unfit for human consumption” and inmates get sick from it. I actually wrote about it … Read moreJust One Vitamin Deficiency Can Affect Prison Health

Food Contamination & Depression

Would you ever think, food contamination and depression could be linked? I definitely didn’t think they were until I read a post about a cook in a prison kitchen who encountered packaged chicken that was labeled “unfit for human consumption”. I’ve also written about it in my book, Subprime Felon: Inside Federal Prison Camp. It’s … Read moreFood Contamination & Depression

How Reading Makes You a Better Writer

It’s a statement recited multiple times to young children; reading is fundamental. Many writers hear something similar. It is said that reading makes you a better writer. In a previous post, I detail why reading is important and how it took me a while to figure it out. However, does it matter what you read? … Read moreHow Reading Makes You a Better Writer

Get Inspired: 7 Everyday Writing Prompts

Inspiration can come by the simplest things in life. If we take the time to truly observe all that is around us our situations will become our own writing prompts. Instead of searching for lists of prompts and saving them to your writer’s block file, take a look around you and relax. I’m sure you … Read moreGet Inspired: 7 Everyday Writing Prompts

Writing Better with Lifelong Learning


There are many professions that require lifelong learning in order to maximize their skills and previous educational knowledge. As times change, their professions must stay updated on things like new laws, new policies, and new scientific discoveries. A continuous education is needed for writers too. Although writing doesn’t have aspects that change, authors can forget … Read moreWriting Better with Lifelong Learning

Flu Remedies That are Proven to Work

Flu Remedies

It’s Flu season and I have Flu remedies! Although most people are fearful during this time of year, I am not. Most people get the Flu shot and others don’t. Today’s post isn’t about whether or not you should get it or even where to go if you do get one. I figure there are … Read moreFlu Remedies That are Proven to Work

Accepting Depression Can Be Hard

Accepting depression can be hard

Accepting depression can be hard. Depression affects many people in world, but most try to hide their symptoms from family and friends. It makes people feel embarrassed knowing their feelings can bring others down. Their solution is to stay at home, curled up in a ball drowning in their depressive thoughts. According to Inscribmag.com, depression … Read moreAccepting Depression Can Be Hard

Job Hunting Resources for Felons

resources for felons

After you’ve been convicted of a crime and serve time in jail, it’s a difficult and sometimes heartbreaking journey to becoming employed. In this article, you will find valuable job hunting resources for felons. I have compiled a list of books, websites, and videos that deal specifically with those who have re-entered society from prison. … Read moreJob Hunting Resources for Felons

Live Your Best Life Locally!

best life quote

If you can’t live your best life, then live your best life locally until you can. Just because you can’t jet set to another state or country and turn up doesn’t mean that you can’t live your best life locally. I believe there are levels of living your best life and your local best life … Read moreLive Your Best Life Locally!

4 Easy Entrepreneur Ex-Con Business Ideas

inmate receiving business clothing

The number one issue for newly released inmates is surviving financially. It’s extremely difficult to find a job and/or housing with a criminal record because of employer discrimination. While there are multiple organizations that help inmates re-enter society and find jobs and housing, sometimes starting your own business is the quickest way to make a … Read more4 Easy Entrepreneur Ex-Con Business Ideas

Depression Triggers You Can Control

Depression triggers

Depression is a mental health disorder that can suck the life out of you and the people around you. The negative social effects can cause the sufferer to dive deeper into the cognitive disorder as they think about how unpleasant their moods can be. Although treatment is available, not everyone has access to the expensive … Read moreDepression Triggers You Can Control