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What Would My Future Self Tell Me?

How Important Is Count Time?

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Cheap Dates are the BEST!

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Homesickness in Prison Camp

Yoga Tips for Writers

The False Hopes About SSI Payments To Inmates

Unit Rules at Federal Prison Camp, Herlong

Procedural Changes

Leather Craft Changes at Federal Prison Camp, Herlong

Community Based Program Agreement

Recreation Procedures Post Lock Down 10 pm Count

Recreation Procedures at Herlong Federal Prison Camp

Dress Code/Personal Property/Work Details at Herlong Prison Camp

Destroying or Altering Prison Property

The Release of Remaining Prison Funds

Photo Procedures at Herlong Prison Camp

A&O (Admissions & Orientation ) Checklist

Herlong Prison Camp Institution Supplement Booklet

“Cop-out” AKA Inmate Request to Staff

Visitor Information Form and Additional Visiting Information

Federal Prison Camp Detail Workers

The Expectations of Herlong Prison and Herlong Prison Camp

Institution Progress Update at Herlong Prison Camp

Health Services Department Operations at Herlong Prison Camp

Softball Backstops at Herlong Prison Camp and Stand Up Count Concerns

Memo to Inmates About Homemade Intoxicants

Transition to Continental Breakfast Due To Increase of Food Cost

My Furlough Application: Approved for Community Service Furlough

Herlong Prison Camp Transfer Plan Sheet

National Food Service Menu Inmate Preference Survey

Federal Register Vol 71, No 92: Smoking/No Smoking Areas

Herlong Federal Prison Camp Admissions and Orientation Inmate Handbook

Flag Protocol At Herlong Prison

Federal Prison Camp Inmate Suicide Prevention

Inmate Rights and Responsibilities And Disciplinary Scale

No Collect Calls at Herlong Federal Prison Camp: Prepaid Accounts

Inmate Direct and Prepaid Calling Rates

Inmate Minute Revalidation Cycle At Herlong Prison Camp

Oakland Halfway House Resident Handbook–Complete

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Sending Money to An Inmate

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