After 22 Years, River City Brewing Company Pushed Out For Sacramento Kings Arena


If you’ve never lived in a small town then you probably won’t understand the outrage I’m currently feeling. Small towns are known for their close knit, neighborly communities. They take care of each other and have a genuine kindness about them. Their unique in ways that large cities aren’t because they allow its citizens to relax naturally and watch sunsets without obstructed views. Small towns usually have a few choice restaurants and stores that the people love to patronize because of familiarity. However, recently my small town has been undergoing some big city changes!

My gripe today is due to a favorite hangout spot being forced to close down and move out of my city. The River City Brewing Company has been a staple in downtown Sacramento for 22 years and now it’s moving. I really liked the idea that downtown Sacramento had a long history of unique flavor. It would be a shame to see it full of a bunch of corporate restaurants and chain stores.

The Sacramento Kings own a large area in downtown Sacramento and they feel it’s time to “upgrade” for big business. Since they forced the River City Brewing Company and other great companies out of their area, it makes me think that my city is going to be filled with corporations and franchised chains of popular stores. That’s not what a small town should be filled with. The Sacramento Kings must be focusing on becoming like L.A or San Francisco; they must be looking for money and not historical preservation.

In reality, I would love a mix of the two, not an overtaking. I want a mix of the old and new. It wouldn’t hurt to see some brand new restaurants and hotels standing next to the historic downtown Sacramento establishments. Why? Well, I understand that a small city has need of some elements of larger cities. My concern is the loss of the uniqueness of the city. It feels like Sacramento is giving up its history for large corporate dollars.

I guess I’ll have to stick around and see what unfolds. I really hope this works itself out in a few years.

Did your small town change into a large city? Let me know what happened.