4 Advantages Of Working For A Temp Agency

4 Advantages of Working for A Temp Agency

As of recently, I left my full time job at Bon Appetit (assigned at William Jessup University) to work for a temp agency called Acrobat Outsourcing. The reason I quit was because I was driving thirty minutes to and from work. I drive an SUV now, so you can imagine the gas the car needed. It damn near drunk forty dollars every three days.

The temp agency found me a job making the same hourly wage which was just enough to pay my necessary bills. However there’s a much bigger advantage to working for a temp agency. Here is a list of the advantages I’ve experienced while working for a temp agency.

More Time
I now have a lot more time to work on my writing career and I’m seeing some serious improvements. At the time of this post I’m writing almost three to four hours a day. I’m posting about four times a week and I started writing my second book. My second book will be about my prison camp experience and thoughts on the entire culture of prison. My goal, of course, is the post five times a day. So I’m slowly getting there.

Better Social Media Connections
My social media skills are improving since I’ve made the switch. This is because I’m now able to read articles online and in magazines. When you read more, the more interesting topics you can come up with. With more interesting topics, I’m able to have more interesting conversations on Facebook and Twitter. Not to mention, I’m able to interact with more people also. The more interactions I have, the more my social media connections will help to improve my traffic and book sales.

Healthy Eating
Switching to a temp agency mean I’m also eating better. No more eating junk in a hurry and no more eating only once a day. All of which I was doing to save time and money. Now, I’m not rich by any means, but because of my extra time, I can spend time cooking good food! I mean like veggies, pasta, and lean meat.

Healthy Body
I’m back to working out three times a week now. My goal is to workout five to ten times about once or twice a day, with two days off. I’m not trying to not trying to get ripped or strong, I just want my head to stay focused. I’ve noticed the more that I workout, the more focused and productive I am.

All the above is part of my post-prison plan to do what really matters to me. I want to do things that make me happy. I want to feel good when I wake up and start working. This, to me, is proof that I’m on my way to achieving it, but I know I still have a long way to go.