Accepting Depression Can Be Hard

Accepting depression can be hard

Accepting depression can be hard. Depression affects many people in world, but most try to hide their symptoms from family and friends. It makes people feel embarrassed knowing their feelings can bring others down. Their solution is to stay at home, curled up in a ball drowning in their depressive thoughts. According to, depression is one of the most common health conditions for men and affects millions worldwide.  The article, aimed at men with depression, gives better solutions to dealing with depression than what most men are currently doing.

Accepting depression can be hardThere were two suggestions that really stood out to me. I think it’s great advice that I will act on. The first piece of advice was to stop punishing yourself. I do this too much and it’s time for me to take care of myself the right way. I can’t keep punishing myself for something I can’t control. I have to come to terms with the situation and accept that it’s truly a mental illness. Once I am able to accept the problem for what it is, then I can move forward and find a real solution. The next step would seek professional help. A doctor that has dealt with patients that exhibit depression symptoms can legally diagnose me with depression. After a diagnosis, I can then start treatment that will hopefully lead me to overcome my depression. However, all of this starts with me acknowledging my illness as something that isn’t going to go away on its own. I’m more committed to making sure that I stop being hard on myself and turn this negative into a positive.

The second thing that I agreed with was exercising to decrease symptoms. I normally workout and exercise to achieve this goal. I can say that this is something that works well for me. In fact, I’ve recorded a video on YouTube about it, click here to watch it or watch it below. I do cardio to help with depression. I actually do it every day. According to the article, there are “25 studies that have found that physical activity helps fight depression”. You will need to take about twenty minutes and exercise to help fight your depression. However, like me, you will need to do this every day or at least five times a week. This helps you to release the right chemicals in your brain which adds to your happiness. Try looking up cardio videos on YouTube to get ideas for routines that are easy for you to do. You can start out doing exercises for your legs one day and then the next day, try exercises for your arms. There are exercises for almost every part of the body. Choose one a day or just find a regular cardio workout. 

If you want to lift your depression, then I think you should follow the advice above. Seeing a doctor will really help you to jumpstart your treatment and help you add happier days to your life. Although it may not cure your depression, it will give you more days to spend with family and friends opposed to you laying under the covers alone. Take the steps necessary to make your life more fulfilling. I know I deserve it and I bet you do to.