A Pinched Nerve is a Real Pain

A pinched nerve is a real pain! Yea, that might sound cheesy, but it’s truly nothing to joke about. They decrease mobility and range of motion, not to mention they can be difficult to remedy. According to Healthline, pinched nerves are damaged by discs, bones, or muscles. Other than the pain, you know you have a pinched nerve if you have numbness, pins & needles, tingling, or a burning sensation. Don’t lose hope just yet, there some home remedies available if you are suffering from a pinched nerve.  

Ice & Heat

Using cold packs can reduce the swelling of the area that’s affected by a pinched nerve. It also numbs the area to reduce pain. Applying heat would help your muscles surrounding the nerve to relax which will alleviate your pain since your muscles wouldn’t be so tight on your pinched nerve. It’s best to use both and alternate between ice packs and heating pads. Try using an ice pack for ten minutes and then using the heating pad for another ten minutes. Keep rotating them every ten minutes.

pinched nerveTurmeric

Turmeric is a spice mostly used in Indian food but works wonders for pinched nerves. Just like a cold pack, it reduces the inflammation surrounding the pinched nerve. You can buy it as a pill, capsule, or a powder. It works even better when you combine it with your ice and heat therapy. However, if you are already taking medication for something else, beware because this can interact with certain medications like heartburn meds, blood thinners, or even diabetic medication.


Sometimes just repositioning yourself makes the pinched nerve better. If you’re sitting, try standing or vice versa. If you’re laying down, try rolling on your other side or laying on your stomach. The change in position may un-pinch your nerve for the time being. Once you figure out which positions work best, you’ll better manage your pinched nerve.


I had a pinched nerve in my elbow from carrying a mattress up two flights of stairs by myself. I didn’t notice it until my wrist started to hurt. I later realized my ring finger and pinky finger started to feel numb. I read online that I was suffering from cubital tunnel syndrome, something closely related to carpal tunnel syndrome – but both deal with pinched nerves. Everyday I massaged my right elbow from left to right due to the anatomy of the nerve. Each day my wrist felt better and after a couple of days, the feeling returned in my fingers. I had some pain in my wrist for about a week, but it’s been ya ear and I haven’t had any issues.

Although pinched nerves can be tricky to treat, there is something you can do about it. Take it one day at a time and you should be able to find relief from at least one of the above mentioned remedies. If you’re going to try the turmeric make sure you talk to your doctor first. Good luck in successfully treating your pinched nerve.